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I've had a few inquires about donations to support the work of this website. At first I hadn't really thought about it, but as time goes on, I find that there is much I would like to accomplish and perhaps donations would help with that. I'd like to be able to keep more hives, do more experiments and collect more data to support treatment free beekeeping. So if there were enough donations to allow me to focus on beekeeping full time I think it would be helpful to those ends. Also I would like to be able to train people throughout the beekeeping season, rather than just during bee camp.

So if you would like to support the best way would be to use Locals to be a patron and provide ongoing support. That way I will give you first access to new videos and other incentives.

If you prefer to donate and it's a small amount, my suggestion would be to click on the book on the upper left of this page and buy one of the EBooks listed. Almost all of the money will come to me. You can enjoy the book and the site will get some financial help.

But if you just want to just donate something, you can send payments with PayPal to the email address listed above, please choose "gift" and put "donation" in as the subject. That way I will know I don't owe you some queens or books. I am not an official non-profit and these are not tax deductable.

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